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Love Actually – Akanksha and Sohil’s Platinum Day of Love

Our initiative ‘Love Actually’ is a photo series featuring couples who actively seek ideas and inspiration from WeddingSutra. The series celebrates beautiful people in love as they start their lives together: because real love can only begin, never end.

Akanksha and Sohil spent seven years in love and apart. What better way to celebrate the triumph of long-distance love than by going for a meandering drive, together. WeddingSutra listened to the love birds tell their incredible story as we captured candid moments with them at iconic locations across Mumbai in a car that is an icon itself.


When they lived in the same neighbourhood, Mumbai-based Akanksha and Sohil had never been introduced despite their families being acquainted and their sisters being close friends. Sohil was studying in Nagpur when he sent Akanksha a Facebook friend request and she accepted assuming he was a friend’s boyfriend. Sohil spent zero time clearing that misunderstanding up! When they met on a trip back home, they clicked offline too.



Sohil gathered up the courage to ask Akanksha out only when he went back to Nagpur. Akanksha was skeptical. Distance is tough on relationships but they decided to give it their best shot. They talked across cities via Skype and Sohil would visit every couple of months to meet Akanksha. She would in turn pamper him with care packages! And thanks to these packages Akanksha found her passion and skill in baking. Just when they were getting ready to be together, Sohil was offered a job in Varanasi. They would have to be apart again. But they took it in their stride. By the time Sohil’s job brought him back to Mumbai, Akanksha had to leave for the States to pursue a course she had in baking and pastry arts at an American university.



Two years. When they met during her summer break however, he decided it was time to make it official. Akanksha grins, “We were discussing our experiences in our respective cities when he said it was time to tell our families. He didn’t want to lose me to some American dude. I joked about how this time away made him see what I meant to him!” Sohil spoke to both sets of parents. “I was so moved at how wonderfully he spoke of me to them,” she says. “I realized then that Sohil was perfect for me.”

They were so close to finally being together… but Akanksha still had a course to finish. She went back to the US and prepared for her graduation while the couple’s parents prepared for the engagement ceremony, set for three weeks after she got back home. She had only one clause: Sohil needed to buy her a ring from his own earnings.

And suddenly, the seven-year wait was over. Everything was going great. But where’s the romance, Akanksha wondered. Sohil had a rather elaborate plan in place.



Four days after she was back in the bay, he offered to accompany her for the fittings of her engagement outfit. Instead he took her to the Taj and then, sailing. Strangely, there was a photographer on board. Sohil told Akanksha that every sailboat had one. She says, stifling giggles, “Then I overheard the sailboat instructor on the walkie-talkie, talking about having left something behind.” Sohil quickly distracted her into conversation. Soon enough, another sailboat came over and handed them a gift-wrapped box. She thought it odd. He said it was a value-add; he had told them she likes chocolate.

It was sunset by then. She clearly recalls the moment, “Sohail wanted to share a joke he’d made up; it’s a regular thing between us. So he said, ‘knock knock’. I said, ‘who’s there?’ ‘Will…’ ‘Will, who?’ He said, ‘Will you marry me?’ I was shocked. I had precisely then, bitten into the ring in my chocolate. It was all so perfectly timed,” she gushes about this beautiful proposal.



Their romance further deepened on a drive through Mumbai’s roads, as they deftly swerved through the chaotic traffic, cocooned cosily in a Volkswagon Beetle, with their favourite songs playing on the radio… They traced all the swerves their own love story had taken before accelerating to the wedding stage.


Now that the stars have finally aligned themselves in this couple’s favour, they’re looking forward to a winter wedding in Mumbai, where their love story blossoms.

Another promise that Akanksha has been nudging Sohil towards is the Volkswagen Beetle as a wedding gift. “The Beetle symbolizes us as a couple. It’s fun and looks classy,” she says. “It denotes a sense of togetherness.” Sohil too loved his Beetle experience. Who could say no to comfortable bucket seats and a push-button ignition! “The phrase that comes to mind is ‘urban pleasure’. It’s cute on the outside and futuristic on the inside,” he says, as they merrily pose with the love bug against the south Mumbai skyline. The early morning sun reflects on their love bands. They share a meaningful glance as he holds open the Beetle door for her. Her face lights up with a smile. It’s finally happily ever after for them.


Platinum Love Bands and Jewellery- Gehna Jewellers
Makeup and Hair- Anvita Walke
Lehenga- Payal Singhal from Ensemble
Location- South Mumbai

Photography- Whatknot

Recent Entries

My Best Friend’s Wedding – Decoding the Looks

When Bride Dhwani told us of her delight at having her childhood friends as bridesmaids for her winter wedding in Jaipur this year, WeddingSutra decided to treat the dream team to a makeover, ensemble, so they could prep for her big day!

WeddingSutra Editors decoded Dhwani and each of her bridesmaids’ look.

Bridesmaid Pratishtha’s Look
Pratishtha’s pink flared anarkali in silk organza base is appliqued with gold handmade floral and leaves patchwork all over the front and back along with a bunch of peach 3D flowers in zardozi handmade embroidery highlighted with gold metallic sequins and pearl embellishments on the net sleeves and has a pink chiffon dupatta on the bodice. She accessorized with a pair of Royal Legacy earrings and the Royal Heritage Hand Harness by Aé-Teē made of 22kt gold plated base metal studded with pink Swarovski crystal elements from the Jharokha collection. She carried a contrasting Pink Lines clutch by Cluth’d intricately designed with silver and gold dori studded with small delicate pearl flowers. Its completed with a gold rose lock and a gold chain. Pratishtha’s hair was styled with a side swept half braid on her crown and rest of the hair kept poker straight.

Pratishtha bridesmaid

Bridesmaid Heeta’s Look
Her powder peach flared lehenga in silk organza with hydrangea print studded with pearl embellishments and an underlayer of gold cotton tissue border has a white pearl, zardosi and kundan floral embroidered waistband and pearl tassels on the side. The lehenga is teamed with a sea green blouse with double cape sleeves with a sequin and floral border. Heeta put together her look with a pair of Crystal Cloud earrings made of 22kt gold plated base metal studded with Swarovski crystal elements from Aé-Teē’s Rue De Paris collection. Heeta’s hair was pinned in a half pony with the rest of the hair left wavy.

Heeta b

Bridesmaid Bhavna’s Look
This sea green flared anarkali in silk organza base is appliqued with gold handmade floral and leaves patchwork all over the front and back along with a bunch of peach 3D flowers in zardozi handmade embroidery highlighted with gold metallic sequins and pearl embellishments on the net sleeves and has a sea green chiffon dupatta on the bodice. Bhavna accessorized with a pair of Mehran earrings and the Umaid Hand Harness by Aé-Teē made of 22kt gold plated base metal studded with Swarovski crystal elements from the Jharokha collection. Bhavna’s hair was kept naturally straight with a blowdry.

Bhavna b

Bride-to-be Dhwani’s Look
The bride-to-be wore a coral red lehenga with extensive 3D floral embroidery with exotic bird motifs and a complimenting red blouse. She draped the peach dupatta with sequin work over her shoulder and used the second red dupatta with booti work as a traditional veil over her head. Dhwani accessorized with an uncut diamond jewellery set with hints of green and bangles by Ghanasingh Fine Jewels. She carried a Gold Moti clutch by Clutch’d with an array of pearls and beads set against the background of gold sequins to add an extra bling to complete her bridal look. Dhwani’s hair was styled in soft curls perfect for a spring wedding.

Dhwani bride

Bridesmaid Jinal’s Look
She chose an aqua lehanga with small inverted triangular sequin bootis and zardosi and kundan floral embroidered waistband and pearl tassels on the side. The blouse with attached cape sleeves embellished pearl n sequin cutwork added a girly touch to her ensemble. Jinal accessorized with a pair of statement Jacqueline earrings with blue stone work from Aé-Teē’s Greek Goddess collection. She carried an elegant Baby Pink clutch in raw silk by Clutch’d made with rich zari work adorned with a silver bird knob to complete her look. Jinal’s hair was styled in a messy low side-bun with side swept parting.

Jinal bridesmaid

Bridesmaid Chaiti’s Look
This subtle baby pink lehenga with small pearl bootis all over the lehenga is teamed with a floral embroidered full sleeve blouse. Chaiti accessorized with a pair of Amer earrings made of 22kt gold plated base metal studded with Swarovski crystal elements from Aé-Teē’s Jharokha collection. She carried the contrasting Blue Rose clutch by Clutch’d made of raw silk, adorned with sequins and delicate zardosi work sealed with a gold rose lock to complete her look. Chaiti’s hair was closely braided from one side and pinned to the other side with the rest of the hair kept curled.

Chaiti bridesmaid

Bridesmaid Anushree’s Look
Her sea green flared lehenga in silk organza with hydrangea print studded with pearl embellishments and an underlayer of gold cotton tissue border has a white pearl, zardosi and kundan floral embroidered waistband and pearl tassels on the side. The lehenga is teamed with a classic cut back zipper blouse. Anushree kept it minimalist with just the Mehar Maangtikka by Aé-Teē made of 22kt gold plated base metal studded with Swarovski crystal elements. Anushree’s hair was tied together with a center parting with two dreamy curled hair flicks to frame her face.

Anushree bridesmaid


Location- Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
Outfits- Yashodhara
Bride’s Jewellery- Ghanasingh Fine Jewels (Kamlesh Hemdev Group)
Bridesmaids’ Jewellery- Aé-Tee
Makeup and Hairstyling- Abhilasha Singh and team for Jean-Claude Biguine India
Accessories Partner- Clutch’d
Bridal Bouquets and Decor- Gurleen M Puri
Shoot Management- Tejal Karlekar, Urvi Sethi, Neelam Lakhani and Dipti Satwani

Photography- Shreya Sen Photography

Wedding Inspiration of the Week: Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa

As a popular destination for Indian weddings, Oman reflects the beauty and romance of these occasions with its majestic mountains and crystal clear waters. Set along the Bay of Al Jissah, Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa offers a unique location for a wedding by the sea along with a backdrop of the Omani mountain range.

The resort comprises of three hotels – Al Waha, Al Bandar and Al Husn. Al Waha – “The Oasis”, which is accessible via a man-made tunnel through a mountain leading up to the sea comprises of 262 seaview guestrooms. Al Bandar – “The Town”, inspired by old Muscat, provides its guests 198 sea-facing guestrooms. Al Husn – “The Exclusive Castle” offers 180 rooms and suites which are amongst the largest and most luxurious in Oman.

Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa proves to be an excellent outdoor venue with uninterrupted views of the sea as well as an exclusive indoor venue with the stunning Barr Al Jissah Ballroom measuring 1,056 square metres with crystal chandeliers adding to the glamorous ambiance.

Our Editors have put together a Mood Board for a charming and fun beach-side wedding at Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa; vibrant gota patti lehengas from Anita dongre and decor elements, set-ups from real weddings at Al Husn.

Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa1


The Photo Ready Bride

Cory Walia decodes the picture perfect bride at the WeddingSutra MasterClass Fashion & Food Edition at JW Marriott Juhu, Mumbai.

Cory Walia begins his session with a winning statement – “All women are beautiful. Knowing your face and what to highlight is the key to looking your best.”

Cory’s passion for his art is evident as he urges us to inculcate healthy skin regimes into our daily routine. Investing a few minutes on a basic cleanse-tone-moisturize routine can go a long way. “Even if you’re back home at 4:38 am after a party, don’t just crash into bed. Remove your makeup! A few drops of olive oil on a damp cotton ball will do the trick,” he states in an insistent tone. There’s an air of a teacher about him… and why not, he’s mentored many young makeup and hair professionals in the industry today.


It is also clear that the make-up maestro has met many who are lazy to follow a beauty regime, or plain afraid to use cosmetics because they don’t know what works for them. But it’s not difficult, he insists. He chooses a participant to demonstrate this with a makeover.

As the participant steps onto the stage, she confesses that she steers clear of cosmetics or skin regimes because she’d rather sleep a few extra minutes in the morning, echoing sentiments of all who suffer the unpleasant reality of city life. “Twenty minutes is all it takes,” Cory states. “You don’t need much makeup to brighten your face if your skin is healthy. Nutritious food, a healthy water intake and vitamins are essential though.”

Cory demonstrates how a little make-up goes a long way. He uses the three rescue remedies stashed in his handy kit – Soframycin skin cream (cleanses and protects the skin), Eyecool eye drops (to rid redness of the eye) and a lip balm (to use as a base before lip colour application). He uses a lip pencil and a lip balm on his bridal clients, as they last longer than a lipstick. He suggests befriending cake eyeliners instead of the daily struggle with eye pencils. They are more versatile once you learn to use them and can be easily wiped off, avoiding the raccoon-like appearance that early mornings endeavors with eye pencils often lead to.

“Don’t try to look fairer with foundation,” he advises. When buying a foundation, try it on the jaw line and check if it blends well with your skin in the sunlight. That also implies that one must never buy makeup in the night.


cory walia



What about airbrushing, a bride-to-be asks. Being traditional in his approach, Cory hasn’t been too happy to use it. It works best in cool climes and is a complete disappointment in warm weather, in his experience. In any case, a bridal look should be in keeping with the venue and aesthetics of the event.

Some other tips that the brides-to-be learnt at the session –

* Meet your makeup person often so you can build a relationship with them. Having one artiste through the various functions can help achieve absolutely different looks.

* Wearing a lehenga or a saree (as per your bridal look) at a makeup and hair trial makes all the difference. Casual clothes will not give you an accurate the look.

* The last bridal facial should ideally be done 10-12 days before the wedding or at least a week before the celebrations begins. If there is a skin outbreak, you will have time on your hands to deal with it.

* Always get your look in place as per the location and climate at the time of your wedding. For example, leaving your hair open at a beachside function will ruin your wedding pictures.

* Hair makes up for 65 percent of the look and what you can most play around with. Change your look with your hair at each function for a different look. Get the footwear, handbag and hair in order for a classy look.

* A bridal makeover begins with the hairstyle and ends with touching it up. Makeup should be done next. Perfume should be worn before the clothes and jewellery. A nath or nose ring should be worn last.

* And most of all, set aside at least three hours to get ready, and an additional half hour for emergency situations. One can never predict a sudden turn of events.

Cory underlines this need for this extra half hour with an anecdote. A photographer’s assistant wanted a shot of the bridal ghagra against the landscape view from the window. He hung up the skirt from a fire sprinkler. You know what happened next. You also know why you need ample time and a cool head, and what not to let your enthusiastic photographers do.

Delhi Brides, we have exciting news for you! Our next Masterclass is on Saturday, 21st May at Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel New Delhi (9.30 am to 3.00 pm). At the Masterclass in New Delhi meet master couturier Tarun Tahiliani, bridal make-up maestro Ojas Rajani, top destination wedding photographers Vinayak and Snigdha of Photo Tantra. At WeddingSutra we believe that photography is that one decision that will make the most impact on how you remember your wedding. And that’s why we have Snigdha and Vinayak at the WeddingSutra MasterClass to help you navigate your photography decisions for the big day. How to pick the right photographer, what photography style will work best for your wedding and most importantly how to ensure you are a photo ready bride.

Brides-to-be who have not contacted us for an invite yet, send a Whatsapp message to Neelam +91-9820076986 / Urvi 9820300973.

Photos Courtesy- WhatKnot

canvera banner

A Retro-Style Mix-Tape Marriage Invitation!

Anahita Havewala and Vinay Agarwal work in the events industry; Vinay organizes large-scale music events, Anahita is an event/wedding planner. Not only does music feature in their professional lives, but it also played Cupid for this couple! So, from the initial meeting itself, it was decided that the core theme for the entire wedding would be music.

Ranjani Iyengar of Pink Whistle Man was entrusted with designing their wedding invitations. They worked through several iterations, including the music-festival-wrist-band idea and an iPod theme, but then, “I thought of making a tape recorder envelope with cassette invites and this seemed to interest them the most!”

A throwback to the pre-digital days when a carefully curated mix-tape was a sign of a first crush, the cards began to take shape. Ranjani says, “The couple was leaning towards vintage design with French elements but nothing too feminine or floral. Everything fell into place; the insert, a simple cassette holder and the detailing came together with the lyrics of all their significant songs on each cassette invite. Anna personally oversaw the text that went into each and every insert.”

Aware that this could be a trend-setting retro-themed design idea, Ranjani smiles, “The rest of the stationery was designed ‘in tune’ with their invite. Every detail including the backdrop of their mandap was carefully selected to fit the theme.”

As they say, “If music be the food of love, play on!”


Vinay and Anna-horz

Designed by- Pink Whistle Man (Mumbai/ Bangalore)

Paint my love– Bihar folk art illustrates Tamil-Iyer wedding rituals in this cross-cultural love story

Best friends in college, Tejas and Shruti plot the day they fell in love to a wintry Texan evening in February, in their sophomore year, 2010. Six years, one doggy and a host of dreams and memories, the couple tied the knot on an unseasonably warm March morning in Ghalib’s Delhi, at 5, Ashoka Road.

Realising she was planning a wedding across two cultures, (Shruti is Tamil-Iyer, Tejas is from Bihar) with a guest list encompassing so many diverse ethnicities, featuring Tamil-Iyer rituals with all their meaningful symbolism, Shruti thought of creating a roadmap that would take everyone along the way with them.

“We wanted our guests (most of whom were North Indian and International) to feel part of the ceremony and a key factor was to make sure they understood what was going on during the important rituals,” Shruti says. However, “I really wanted our wedding program to reflect his culture (Bihari) as well and being very fond of Madhubani art, I decided to add Madhubani illustrations to go with the descriptions.

It worked beautifully! Shruti smiles, “So many guests reached out to us and our families to let us know that they really appreciated the handout and it helped them understand the rituals better. It also helped to disseminate information about our official wedding hashtag. We found a ton of our wedding photos on social media that may have not reached us otherwise.”

Credits: “I designed the card with the help of my maids of honor Priti and Aditi. I used the simple infographic tool, PicToChart to make this and my dearest friend Ekank helped us get these printed out on Cardstock paper in Delhi.”



Photo Courtesy- Ashish Pareek (Banjara Studios)

WeddingSutra SOCIAL- at Poonam Soni’s Celebrations with BMW

Iconic pieces of jewellery and luxury cars do go together. You felt so if you happened to be at the BMW Infinity Cars showroom in Worli as famed jewellery designer Poonam Soni joined hands with the iconic automobile brand to host a chic and cheerful soiree.

It was a fashionable feast of some of the finest handcrafted jewellery pieces from the archives of the Poonam Soni brand. Catching your eye were the ‘Monochromes,’ ‘Gaudi Revived,’ ‘Greek and Egyptian’ and ‘Heritage’ collections, plus some smashingly good-looking cars from the luxury repertoire of BMW.

Poonam Soni and Pooja Choudhary, MD, BMW Infinity Cars were the happy hosts as they welcomed guests like Asha Raje Gaekwad, Praggyashree Gaekwad, Pankaj Udhas, Laxman Shreshtha, Parvez Damania, Kunika Singh, Amy Billimoria, Vidya Malavade, Sagarika Ghatge, Suchitra Pillai, Abha Singh, Shilpi Jatia, Babita Malkani, Azmina Rahimtoola and Amy Billimoria among others.

And it was time to live it up with fine wines from Grover Vineyards and delectable hors d’oeuvres, including cheese and chocolate fondue, from Flamboyante.

Photography- Vrutika Doshi Photography


Delhi Brides! Meet Tarun Tahiliani at the WeddingSutra MasterClass

Announcing the dates for the most popular bridal and wedding inspiration event in India! This month at the WeddingSutra MasterClass in New Delhi meet master couturier Tarun Tahiliani and interact with some highly influential people from the world of bridal fashion and weddings.

At the MasterClass on Saturday, 21st May (9.30 am to 3.00 pm), Team WeddingSutra and our carefully selected panel of experts will offer guidance and inspirations for all your wedding needs– from the finer details to those day-changing major decisions

Delhi brides, consider yourselves very lucky! Expect invaluable expertise, advice and demos on:
- shopping for your wedding outfits
- top beauty tips and tricks
- selecting the best make-up artist
- picking the right photographer and know how to pose for the best photos

Our panel includes
- Master couturier Tarun Tahiliani
- Wedding planner extraordinaire Vandana Mohan of The Wedding Design Company
- Makeup maestro Ojas Rajani
- Celebrity hairstylist Rod Anker
- Top destination wedding photographers Vinayak and Snigdha of Photo Tantra

Blog creative 1

Entry by Invitation only

Brides-to-be interested in participating can WhatsApp +91-9820300973 / 9820076986 the following details

a) Your name
b) Date of your wedding
c) Your contact nos

Limited seats also reserved for wedding industry professionals interested in ideas, inspiration and networking.


Fairground Attraction

Cotton candy, ferris wheels and bubbles were the perfect backdrop for Nabiya and Abid’s pre-wedding photo-story of young love.  

Nabiya tells us how her mother happened to talk about the exhibition ‘Numaish’ at Nampally Exhibition Grounds, Hyderabad around the time when she was planning her pre-wedding shoot with her groom-to-be Abid. “My mother mentioned the exhibition and it triggered so many childhood memories for Abid and I; the colours, lights and people at a funfair in addition to it being an unconventional venue for a pre-wedding photoshoot. We shared the idea with our Photographers Divya and Debasish of SutraSnapperz and they loved the idea!

To be honest, the shoot wasn’t as easy as we’d envisaged; Abid and I are camera-conscious and it didn’t help that there were so many people around some of whom even commented on how awkward we were! We were posing for a shot, hugging and a random elderly gentleman walked up to us and said: ‘Public place hain yaaron!’ as he passed by.

Thank goodness for Divya and Debasish who talked us through it and made us laugh to distract us from the stares we got. Divya charmed the store vendors into helping us with the shoot and in the end, it was so much fun! What matters most is that our families and us were so pleased with how well the pictures turned out! And we got a lovely pre-wedding shoot at a place filled with beautiful childhood memories.”

Drone shots

Drone shots

Drone shots

Drone shots

Drone shots

Drone shots

Photography- SutraSnapperz

Wedding Photography Trends that will be big in 2016

We asked the finest wedding photographers in the industry to train their lens on the hottest trends this year. Some of these trends have already been around for a couple of years while others are going to hit mainstream this coming season. Flip through these tricks and techniques, pick the ones you’d like incorporated into your own wedding album and share them with your photographer.

Drone Wedding Shots
Welcome to the world of drones. Both videographers and photographers love a bird’s eye view of an entire wedding set up, the scope of spectacular scenery or a seemingly ‘stolen’ glimpse of an intimate moment from afar. Highly recommended for outdoor ceremonies and destination weddings, the cinematic grandeur of aerial footage cannot be replicated.


Photo Courtesy- (left) Candid Tales and (right) WeddingRaja

Mili ghosh

Photo Courtesy- Mili Ghosh


Photo courtesy- Reels and Frames

Photo Booths & Selfie Stations
The wedding photo booth is becoming a popular fixture and this year, the props and equipment on offer are quirkier, more sophisticated and therefore far more social-media friendly. We also love the trend of social-media-savvy couples setting up ‘selfie stations’ complete with gorgeous backdrop, vanity-friendly lighting and props for friends and family to have a little fun in.

kunal khanna

Photo Courtesy-  Kunal Khanna

Photo Tantra Photo booth

Photo Courtesy- Photo Tantra

Editorial Style Shots
You’ve planned this look to perfection, you’re glammed up and glowing, why wouldn’t you want your wedding pictures to look like they came straight out of a magazine? Editorial-style shoots come in many flavours but there are essentially two ways to do them. First, the high-fashion, studio-lit, posed capture that looks like a page from Vogue magazine. The second is a more natural extension of wedding photography – romantic, intimate, more J Crew catalog than a vogue fashion shoot. Whatever your style, go ahead and indulge yourself. The spotlight is on you.


Photo Courtesy- Ramit Batra

Jasmina 5

Photo Courtesy- El Marco Rojo Fotografia

Smoke Bombs
If you have seen photos of brides and grooms swirling around, colorful clouds of smoke in the background, you know what we’re talking about. Smoke bombs are the new weapon of choice for pre-wedding photography if you are looking for an extra dose of whimsy and fun. Be warned, it takes skill because smoke bombs are not easy to work with. Work with someone who knows what they are doing.

Namit Narlawar

Photo Courtesy- Namit Narlawar

10A Bharat Gopalani

Photo Courtesy- Bharat Gopalani Photography

Goodbye to overprocessed photos
Here is a trend we are thankful for! Instagram’s popularity over the last few years resulted in filters taking over photography. Dramatic, over-processed photos had become the norm. We can’t say this enough – “Less is More, People”. Skip the filters and let the beauty of the day shine through simple, natural editing of photos. Also, remember, over-the-top filters are the last refuge of bad photographers.


Photo Courtesy- Shades

Classic Film Photography
Film photography has been gaining traction in recent years but we don’t think it will go mainstream because the current generation of photographers has learnt their craft on digital. Film photography is time consuming and expensive and there are few really experienced film photographers in the market.

Jonas perterson

Photos Courtesy- Jonas Peterson Photography

Elizabeth Anne

Photos Courtesy- Elizabeth Anne

Still, some top wedding photographers like Jose Villa, continue to work with film to create beautiful, soulful images. Photographers deft with film say it is incomparable with rendering light, color, and tone. While we can’t say we are not partial towards film photography, the important thing to remember is that a film itself can’t save mediocre photography with bad lighting.

Shooting the Proposal
One of the most pivotal moments of your life is when he asks and you say yes. Or vice versa. Savvy couples now want to document that precious moment but also preserve the sanctity. And so, photographers are being hired to capture this moment but secretly so it can be relived by the couple and shared with friends and family. This is one trend we can totally get behind.


Photo Courtesy- Aegean Films

Hashtag the Wedding
Instagram, or it didn’t happen! Whether you like it or not, your guests will Instagram your wedding. So start the fun by creating a hashtag and spreading the word by sending it out with your save-the-date. Leave reminders at the wedding (especially the photo booths) in case guests forget. And then sit back and browse through the tagged candid photos they post online after the wedding!


Photo Courtesy- (left) Picture Perfect India

GIFS and Cinemagraphs
Animated GIFs and cinemagraphs are a great example of using the best of what digital has to offer. Cinemagraphs look like still photos but actually feature a subtle area of movement designed to grab your eye and keep you looking.  The way it brings a certain part of the photo to life is simply stunning. Because the photos are in a digital .gif format, these cinemagraphs can be displayed on blogs, Tumblr accounts, as Facebook profile pictures, or even in a digital picture frame.



Photos Courtesy- Shades