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India’s Wedding Industry- 10 Women Entrepreneurs Speak

WeddingSutra readers who are familiar with the workings of the wedding industry would know this- beyond wedding planning and management, the wedding industry has a host of opportunities, which attracts a wide range of creative and talented professionals of all ages and from all cities, to serve to the bridal and wedding clientele. The fact that the industry is fairly disorganised means you don’t need to open a full-fledged store or office to start a bridal or wedding related offering. According to Chetan Shah, Founder of Gharse.in, a large number of home-based women entrepreneurs registered on his website contribute directly or indirectly to the Rs 100,000 crore plus wedding related business- be it clothes, jewellery & accessories, make-up and styling, invitations, gifting & creative packaging, décor & catering, photography or any other services. Here we speak to 10 wedding entrepreneurs from three different cities- Mumbai, New Delhi and Hyderabad to know more about how they started and their work around weddings.

1. Anushree Reddy, Fashion Designer, Hyderabad

Anushree ReddyHow I started
Being a fashion designer was never part of my plan. A full-fledged business student with an MBA in tow, designing was merely a hobby which I began to pursue and one thing led to another. Being self-taught and learning on the job I realized this is something I really enjoy and which comes naturally. That’s when I gave it a serious thought and started my own label.
What I love most about my job
Being immersed in tons of fabrics, embroidery swatches and sketches is my comfort zone, and I can spend a lifetime doing the same thing every day. I love the dynamic nature of fashion which ensures work never gets mundane.
The busiest work months
July to November is clock-blocked as that’s the peak festive and bridal season. In summer, I am usually busy with the Fashion Week.
Wedding and festive exhibitions I have participated in 
Design One and Bridal Asia.

2. Shelina Kukar and Camelia Punjabi, Accessories Designers (Art Apparel), Mumbai

Shelina & Camelia - Copy (2)-horzHow we started
We are school friends and we started working after getting married as we didn’t want to be housewives!
What we love most about our job
Both of us enjoy working together as it doesn’t feel like work.
The busiest work months
May, June & July are slow, but it starts getting busy by August and September. And then October and November are always very busy months.
The toughest and the best part of working from home
The best part of working from home is that you can still be a stay-at-home mom and be around your children.
Wedding and festive exhibitions 
Earlier, we participated in shows like Delhi’s Bride & Groom and Bridal Asia, but we now prefer Araaish and IMC’s WE Couture.

3. Alpana Kapoor, Jewellery Designer (Mallika by Alpana Kapoor), New Delhi

Alpana KapoorHow I started
I have always been fond of jewellery but didn’t think of doing anything around it, professionally. A few years ago, my daughters were of marriageable age, and I started looking around for jewellery. I realized there was a niche in the market that was untapped- beautiful, well-priced jewellery.
What I love most about my job
I love creating new designs using inspirations from antique jewellery that is so deeply rooted in our heritage, along with my muse- the modern Indian woman, to create something spectacular, contemporary and different.
The busiest work months
August to March
The toughest and the best part of working from home
Best part of working from home- no overheads so lower prices which benefit my clients and I can work at my own schedule. Toughest part- I don’t get walk-in clients.
Wedding and festive exhibitions I have participated in
IMC WE Couture Mumbai- August 2014 and S&S Trunk Show, Ludhiana, September 2014

4. Falguni Mehta, Jewellery Designer, Mumbai

Falguni MehtaHow I started
I come from a jeweller family background. I was always attracted to antique jadau jewellery and used to tinker with them to make it unique and wearable with different outfits, from jeans to sarees. Giving design inputs and seeing my designs turn to reality inspired me to become a jewellery designer.
What I love most about my job
I love to see my creativity and design come to life, especially when I see the jadau pieces on someone.
The busiest work months
August to January is the busiest period, but nowadays, many of my clients don’t wait for an occasion or festival to buy jewellery.
Wedding and festive exhibitions I have participated in
Bridal Asia; IMC Mumbai, Delhi & South Africa; Design One, Mumbai & Delhi; Yatra, Hyderabad; Araaish, Delhi; Cotton Council Exhibition, Chennai; Prana, Kolkata; Style File, Kolkata.

 5. Monisha Ajgaonkar, Wedding Photographer (The Photo Diary), Mumbai

Monisha 1How I started
When I was studying at JJ School of Arts I felt I was not learning much there, so I spent a lot of time on Youtube to learn more about photography and I also freelanced with magazines and event companies. I then made the transition to wedding photography and I now run my own company The Photo Diary which offers all photography and cinematography services.
What I love most about my job
I love meeting new people, creating new memories, travelling and good food.
The busiest work months
November and December are the busiest months- when we are shooting weddings, corporate events, gigs and fashion portfolios as well.
The toughest and the best part of working from homex
The toughest part is that I can’t call clients home and the best part is I can play loud music and lie in my ‘thinking’ sofa and edit.

6. Minee Khanna, Makeup Artist, Mumbai

Minee Behind the sceneHow I started
The flair for buying Makeup Products and observing the looks of models and celebrities in glossy magazines got me to take my brush and try different looks on family and friends. I started creating different looks and enjoyed working on different faces. This is when I realised how creative Makeup can be!
What I love most about my job
The glow that shows on her face after she sees the transformation, gives me immense pleasure and hunger to do better each day.
The busiest work months
November to March and May & June are the busiest months with brides.
The toughest and the best part of working from home/studio
The tough part of working from home, I would say, are the days I am free as I miss using my brushes and the range of makeup products. The best part is that it gives me enough time to manage my personal work and pursue my other interests.

7. Aditi Dugar, Bespoke Catering (Sage & Saffron), Mumbai

Aditi Dugar and her partnerHow I started
I started in 2012. I come from a family background where food and entertaining aesthetically has been the centre focus always. I inherited my passion from my mother who has been a brilliant cook, and I always used my passion as an excuse when I started pursuing different stints with chefs at my favourite restaurants all around the world. After short stints in London, Thailand and Dubai, I started organising small and well thought-out and creative dinners for friends and family. I later met my partner Flora Hilleary, who is a very trained and creative chef. We did a few amazing pop up restaurants together and we are soon opening a very innovative food studio and kitchen at Laxmi Woolen Mills, Mahalaxmi, called Sage & Saffron. It’s a bespoke catering & event firm and we aim to use our space as a canvas where we can express ourselves in many ways.
What I love most about my job
I love that creativity has no limits

The busiest work months
It is busy for us all year round, as we have never restricted ourselves to menus and the type of work we take on

The toughest and the best part of working from home/studio
It gave us great freedom to explore without having any strain of fixed overheads, and it has prepared us to take challenges with an open mind that we are now ready to take.

Wedding and festive exhibitions I have participated in
I have not participated in any exhibitions till now as we only want to cater to smaller social events or intimate pre-wedding functions. Later on, we would love to participate when we can handle the scale.

8. Payal Gupta, Jewellery Designer (Paayal by Payal Gupta), New Delhi

Paayal GuptaHow I started
I joined a jewellery design course out of curiosity and there was no looking back from there on. A 3 month design course became 6, then 9 and I eventually landed up doing a full-year course studying design, gemology and diamond grading.
What I love most about my job
It would be the design element. Putting a piece together and having it appreciated, is the most gratifying part.
The busiest work months
From August till March!
The toughest and the best part of working from home
The toughest part is disciplining oneself during work hours. The best part, of course is that there is no place like home. You have the comfort of your own space and sometimes even flexible work hours.
Wedding and festive exhibitions I have participated in
Araaish Trousseau, Mumbai; Bridal Asia, Delhi; Savoir Faire, Kolkata; IMC, Mumbai

9. Rozina Vishram, Fashion Designer (Rozina), Mumbai

Rozina VishramHow I started
I entered the fashion industry unexpectedly. I started out designing my own clothes and for family and friends as I was always fascinated with good design. It was just a hobby which turned into a profession.
What I love most about my job
Experimenting with different techniques of embroidery such as Resham, Mukesh, Gota is what I love most. Although, I must admit it’s tough and challenging sometimes. I’ve spent countless hours in the workshops with my karigars trying to master this field. But I learn something new everyday, it’s a learning process that never stops.
The busiest work months
I’m busy all year round since I only design made-to-order creations. But August to February is the busiest period.

10. Aanchal & Sanjana, Fashion Designers (Bubber Couture), Mumbai

Bubber SistersHow we started
As long as we can remember, we have always been fascinated by art and creative expression. We both enrolled for a three-year course at SNDT Polytechnic, Mumbai. The course was challenging but extremely rewarding, and we left with diplomas in Apparel Manufacture & Design as well as BA’s in Sociology from Mumbai University. Menswear particularly fascinated us, so we worked with Arjun Khanna for two years. After some valuable work experience, we launched our label in April 2011.
What we love most about our job
We are identical twins (a lot of people say we are able to read each other’s minds) so a seamless division of labour and responsibility is possible. That said we also bring a slightly different set of core competencies to the table.The moment when we enter our creative studio, the rest of the world is shut. We’ve created a little slice of nirvana in the heart of South Mumbai where we draw inspiration from classic antiques, royal influences, colours and a wide range of fabrics. We also enjoy spending time on Instagram and connecting with the creative community at large.

The busiest work months
The busiest work months are September through February. We try and take part in as many relevant exhibitions pre-Diwali to showcase our work and latest collections.

Wedding and festive exhibitions we have participated in
Araaish Trousseau, Ruchika Bazaar and Crescent Moon in Mumbai. Jalsa, Delhi.

Photos Courtesy- Abhishek Sarkar

Recent Entries

Real Brides pick their favourites at Lakmé Fashion Week

WeddingSutra and Lakmé announced a competition for WeddingSutra fans last month, 3 Brides-to-be could win an invite for the Lakmé Bridal Masterclass at the Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW)! The 3 winners, Ushma, Tanzila and Khushboo earlier blogged about their experience at the Masterclass, in the second-part they blog about the bridal collections at Lakmé Fashion Week, and what they loved most!


Ushma Bhojani
The highlight of the Lakmé Fashion Week experience for me was a personal guided tour with the WeddingSutra team after the Lakmé Bridal Masterclass. We had an opportunity to check out the gorgeous bridal creations at the designer stalls and interact with some of the designers. One creation that caught my attention was a long, flowing turquoise anarkali suit with gold embroidery by Harshita Chatterjee Deshpande. Another outfit I fell in love with was a coral pink sari gown with champagne pitta work by designer Sonaakshi Raaj. It had a beautiful sheer neckline, and a sheer back with a hint of delicate champagne pitta detailing. It was a beautiful fusion of east meets west.



All in all, it was aninspiring experience. Thank you WeddingSutra and Lakmé for giving me a chance to be a part of this wonderful beauty and fashion show.


Tanzila Potia:
I was left so inspired by the Lakmé Bridal Masterclass that I mentally began to make prep notes to myself, when the WeddingSutra team said that they would accompany me to the designer stalls to check out the bridalwear collection at Lakmé Fashion Week. As we carefully sifted through the various designs, I spotted an unusual piece in Shehla Khan’s collection. I loved the play of contrasts in the gourd and pale peachy-pink lehenga with sequins and cutdana work in champagne gold.


Another designer whose collection I really liked at the LFW Gallery was of Delhi-based designer duo Armaan Aiman. While they design both Western and Indian wear, it is their traditional anarkalis and A-line kurtas that are most impressive. The use of bright happy colour and classy gold embroidery gives their collection a classic and timeless feel, making their clothes suitable for every occasion. One bridal outfit that caught my attention was from their winter/ festive collection 2014. It was a red anarkali suit with gold, applique handiwork. Though it was heavily embroidered it looked very elegant and wearable too. It seemed perfect for a pre-wedding function. The most appealing thing about their collection was the minute detailing and meticulousness in the craftsmanship of every single piece. They were extremely warm and willing to customize their design to suit a bride’s personality and preference.

collage 3

The whole experience of attending the Lakmé Bridal Masterclass has been absolutely great and very informative. I am now clear about the different looks that I want for each of my wedding functions. I feel confident and better prepared for my big day, having checked out the latest trends that were showcased at this makeup and fashion extravaganza.

Khushboo Gala:
After the Lakmé Bridal Masterclass the WeddingSutra team accompanied us to the LFW designer stalls to view the bridal collections showcased on the ramp. I tried on a gorgeously versatile shatter-sequinned outfit by Astha Narang which I felt was perfect for the cocktail function. It was stylish yet subtle, and could be accessorised to suit multiple occasions. Astha’s collection looked heavy at first glance with its intricate work and rich fabrics, but after I held it I realised it didn’t weigh much. The designer has kept in mind the flexibility that a bride would need to dance and enjoy her big day without feeling like she is carrying a big weight on her shoulder. I felt her collection was perfect for a sangeet or cocktail.


Another designer whose creation I really liked was Arpita Mehta’s. I fell in love with her play of colour. She has used unusual hues and mirror work. I chose a lime green choli and palazzo pants with a net jacket in thread pearl and mirror embroidery– a perfect outfit for the haldi or mehendi.


This entire experience at LFW has given me the much-needed clarity to help me with trousseau shopping. And I now have a clearer idea of who to visit and what to look for.

Photos Courtesy- Amit Barot Photography

The Arabian Tale- Karishma and Satpreet

by Mili Ghosh

Wedding photographer extraordinaire Milli Ghosh shares the beautifully captured memories of the last wedding of the season she photographed in Dubai.

Karishma and Satpreet’s wedding in Dubai was a blast before we wrapped up the last wedding season. The events were planned by my favorite wedding planner Rimjhim Bhagchandani and coordinated to perfection with every little detail thought of and executed. I started discussing the shoot plan with Karishma months before the wedding and we carved out time for a sunset shoot in the dunes- something that puts all the events and festivities in perspective.


The festivities started with a very intimate yet vibrant Mehndi at Karishma’s villa where close friends and family mingled and danced into the wee hours. The second event was the masquerade theme Sangeet at the Majlis Al Mina in Mina A’Salam hotel. A huge masquerade backdrop with ethnic decor set the stage for performances by friends and family followed by a dance floor oozing energy and fun. Again, Rimjhim aunty perfected the ambiance.



The Wedding started off with Satpreet’s baraat at Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah with Karishma arriving in an abra (traditional Arabic boat) from her room to the mandap. Perfect co-ordination of Karishma’s outfit with the decor, which had a mix of white and mustard. 1000 balloons were released as Karishma got off the abra. A beautiful twilight wedding ceremony followed Karishma’s arrival.



The Reception was held the day after at the grand Johara ballroom and had a Gatsby theme. Vintage typewriter for guests to type in their wishes to the newly weds, a huge Gatsby backdrop for the photo-booth, and a stage elegantly displaying Karishma and Satpreet’s wedding logo. DJ Sash kept the guests dancing to some groovy numbers and remix songs.



After four days of hectic fun, I am not sure how Karishma and Satpreet found the energy to meet us at the Bab Al Sham’s resort for a twilight photo-shoot in the dunes. The resort lent a very oasis-like feel and it was fun shooting in the narrow alleys and sunlit terraces. I could not wait to shoot Karishma’s reception outfit against the neutral colors of the sand dunes. The lighting was perfect, and we clicked away as the sun set in the distant horizon.


Event Planning: Rimjhim Bhagchandni
Hair & Make up: Preeti Chotai
Bridal Couture: Rabani & Rakha

Photography & Cinematography- Mili Ghosh (Memories In Motion)

Ferns N Petals hosts the third Wedding Fraternity Meet in Delhi

When WeddingSutra launched in the year 2000, it look us a lot of effort to get in touch with the country’s foremost wedding and bridal fashion specialists. The reasons were three- there was no WeddingSutra then so how could we read about who is doing what, most of the top wedding professionals had a very limited or no online presence. And while weddings are much talked about in India, it is a well-known fact that this is the least documented industry too, with no official surveys or studies on the size or spends. While the industry continues to be fairly unorganized, the recent trend of destination weddings, and initiatives started by select companies including WeddingSutra have brought wedding professionals from different places together. One such initiative is by Delhi-based Ferns N Petals who organised the first Wedding Fraternity Meet (WFM) in 2012. The third meet was held in Delhi on Friday, 12th September and like the earlier meets it witnessed the presence of over 500 professionals from different wedding genres- wedding planners, designers, artists, caterers, photographers, floral experts, luxury car-rental services, hoteliers etc.

collage 2Lifestyle Photographer and Blogger Naina Redhu and Ace Wedding Photographer Sephi Bergerson

IMG_4548JJ Valaya

collage 1Piyush Agarwal of ‘Raas’ Caterers and Raksha and Manoj Chawla of Mansa Weddings & Events

IMG_4487Sumant Jayakrishnan

IMG_4868Vikas Gutgutia and Nitin Arora

IMG_4876Sanam Puri, lead singer of the Band Sanam

IMG_4915Puneet Gupta of Puneet Gupta Invitations

In the gala evening, His Highness Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, 76th Custodian of the House of Mewar unveiled Soulebrations- a coffee table book put together by Ferns N Petals on wedding designs in India. Vikaas Gutgutia, MD, Ferns N Petals who founded the company 20 years ago said: “Weddings are now a large and relevant part of the events and experiential industry. A platform like WFM allows collaboration amongst partners, who can together share their strengths to make the industry more organised.”

The evening also witnessed interactive sessions with Industry veterans like Designer JJ Valaya, Floral Designer Araik Galstyan, Entertainment Expert Nitin Arora, Set Designer Sumant Jayakrishnan and Michel Koopman, General Manager, The Leela.

IMG_4634From left to right, Designer JJ Valaya, Entertainment Expert Nitin Arora, Floral Designer Araik Galstyan, Set Designer Sumant Jayakrishnan, Michel Koopman, GM, The Leela and Vikas Gutgutia of Ferns N Petals

IMG_4684Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, unveiled Soulebrations- a coffee table book. With Vikas Gutgutia of Ferns N Petals

WFM also felicitated three industry stalwarts- Culinary Expert GS Kalra, Wedding Planner Mrs Harkirat Chaudhry and Florist Radhey Shyam for their incomparable contribution to the Indian wedding industry.

IMG_4728Wedding Planner Harkirat Chowdhary and Noted Florist Radhey Shyam

About Ferns N Petals (FNP): Having pioneered the concept of social expression (Flowers and Bouquets) in the country, FNP today and has become a name synonymous with love, emotions and celebrations. Started with a single store in 1994 in Delhi, by Vikaas Gutgutia, the brand today boasts of 187 outlets in 72 cities nationwide and delivers across 155 countries worldwide.  Ferns N Petals Group encompasses FNP Retail & Franchising, FNP E-commerce, FNP Weddings & Events, Floral Touch, FNP Select, The Flagship Store, WDH (Wedding Design Hub), FNP Gardens, FNP Floral Design School and BAQAA FNP.




Photos courtesy- Simplypush Photography

Want Great Bridal Photos? Photographer Dev Purbiya shares some Simple Tips

Today, many Brides are as excited about photos of their Bridal Moments, as much as their Wedding Moments. ZEMA Fine- Jewellery, the bridal jewellery studio run by Reshma and Karan Morani recently organised a workshop for brides-to-be where they invited ace Wedding Photographer Dev Purbiya to speak on Candid Photography. Here, he blogs about his interaction with the brides, and shares his tips with WeddingSutra readers on how to get it right.

A dazzling pair of chaandbalis by Zema Jewels, designed with uncut, diamonds and pearls
Photobooks by Canvera and ZEMA Jewellery

“When I entered the the ZEMA studio in Khar (West) it was nice to have an audience of 10 brides-to-be. After a quick chat with them I realised most of them have been searching for lehengas and makeup artists since sometime and they are now beginning their search for a candid photographer. Some were looking for a photographer who offers the complete ‘wedding photography package’  (candid and traditional photography + films) while some were clear that they wanted a candid photographer only. Here are some tips I shared on how to work with their wedding photographer.

1. Give your Photographer time
After you have done your research on photographers (WeddingSutra makes it fairly easy) and you have chosen the one who fits your requirement, spend a little time with him/ her to discuss the function details. If you and the photographer are based in different cities, and you don’t have time to meet beforehand, make sure you have a skype call so you can discuss the shoot plan.

And as she is completely ready

2. Candid Moments
Do not presume some events may not be important for capturing moments. Sometimes smaller functions with 10 guests turn out to be more fun than events with 1000 people.

Friends of the brides pulling off a funny pose at her wedding

3. Photography and Direction
On the wedding day, the bride should not try to manage the photography team. If she is very keen on wanting some photos, she should leave the check-list with her cousins or best friends.

A peek of the mehendi the bride-to-be adorns on her feet

4. Makeup Artist
Simple rule of thumb- choose and work with a Makeup Artist you are comfortable with (and now WeddingSutra’s Bridal Makeup Gallery showcases the work of 100′s of Makeup Artists).

Bridal getting ready moments

5. Bridal Moments
a. Getting Ready – Getting ready is a fun event to shoot. If you are getting ready in a salon, check with them if they allow shoots, and if your photographer is a male, don’t forget to ask them if male photographers are permitted there.

Leela, Gurgaon, India

Bridal getting ready moments 2

b. If you’d like jewellery/lehenga/shoes to be shot separately, call the photographer a little earlier

First look at the bride's jewellery

A facing shot of the bride's shoe

c. Family and Friends – Family and friends are the main reason you get married. So make sure you have a fun picture with them. Try asking your photographer about the way they imagine it.

Bhopal, India

d. Couple Shoot – Try your best to take time for an outdoor shoot with your to-be-groom.

e. Bridal Portraits- Give at least 15 minutes time to your photographer.

Bridal portraits

6. Have fun
I have seen some brides who are so busy in planning the perfection of the wedding, that they tend to miss out having fun themselves. Keep planning till the day before the wedding, but on the big day, have as much fun as possible.

The to-be weds strike a pose with the people they love

Ask your photographer and wedding planner to add some fun elements in the wedding, so guests can enjoy more. A photo booth is a good example of such a fun element.

7. Wedding Photobook
After the excitement of the wedding is over, what stays with you always is your wedding album or book. In fact, a wedding photobook should be nurtured and treated like your most precious jewels. And just like you trust your jeweler, trust your photographer to create the most beautiful images and spend a little time with him to design your photobook. Most photographers enjoy the process of designing and presenting long lasting photobooks produced by companies like Canvera.

After I finished my interaction with the brides, me and Reshma Morani of ZEMA were chatting about her jewellery and what brides are wearing today. I decided to photograph diamond jewellery by ZEMA and some photobooks by Canvera- after all, both jewels and wedding albums have always been an intrinsic part of a wedding, and both stay with you, always!”

Diamond choker by Zema Jewels set with a red changeable center stone
Photobooks by Canvera and ZEMA Jewellery

About Dev Purbiya
Dev Purbiya, a fast-rising star in the world of lensmen, is an IIT graduate-turned-full-time-photographer. His interpretation of what meets the eye has always wowed his viewers. Dev’s mastery lies in how his lens portrays people – be it at events, in portfolios or during his travels. His eye for the candid smile and the off-the-record moments is what sets his work apart from his contemporaries.

Society Weddings- Who’s Getting Hitched Where

You’re reading it on WeddingSutra first- the ‘who and where’ details on Society Weddings this year. While preparations are on in full swing in at the homes of the rich and famous, most families and couples are a little cagey about revealing anything more than what we’ve mentioned below. So we’ll share with our readers a few or more details when the weddings happen October 2015 onwards.

Mumbai- The city’s top bankers and corporate chief-tans are hosting their son or daughter’s wedding in the city itself. And a few like Deepak Parekh and his educationist wife Smita Parekh are hosting a destination wedding (their son is getting married in Jodhpur). The winter weddings in Mumbai are expected to be low-key affairs followed by a gala reception for Corporate India at venues like Taj Mahal Palace, Taj Land’s End, Grand Hyatt and JW Marriott.

Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai

J W Marriot
JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai

ICICI head-honcho Chanda Kochhar’s daughter Aarti is marrying Reliance executive Aditya Kaji and the celebration is expected to be the power wedding of the year. The joint MD of Kotak Mahindra Bank will be hosting twin celebrations, his son and daughter are both getting married in a span of two months. In December, Bollywood and A-league Fashionistas are looking forward to the big social event of the month, design czar Manish Malhotra’s niece’s wedding at the JW Marriott Hotel, Mumbai.

Delhi- Two beautiful women from Mumbai are tying the knot in Delhi and the venues for the elegant celebrations are the city’s famed farmhouses. Actress Dia Mirza weds her business partner Sahil Sangha on October 18, while Television personality Kim Jagtiani is marrying Delhi restauranteur Rohan Gupta in the last week of November.

Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha                                                   Kim Jagtiani and Rohan Gupta

Goa and Hyderabad- Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan and rakhee sister Shilpa Rohera are both having a destination wedding. Shilpa, a writer weds actor Pulkit Samrat in Goa in November, while Arpita’s marriage to Aayush Sharma takes place early next year at the Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad.

Taj Falaknuma Palace
Taj Falaknuma Palace

Chantilly- Shaadi in France, the gold standard as far as destination weddings goes. Gokul Agarwal, scion of the RNA Builders is marrying Shloka Chhabria and the celebrations are at different venues including the verdant Chateau de Montvillargenne hotel just outside Paris.

Chateau de Montvillargenne hotel
Chateau de Montvillargenne hotel

Turkey- According to Wedding Planners many business families have evinced a lot of interest in Turkey. Like the families of Yash Goenka and Natasha Narang who were formally engaged last month; Yash is the son of industrialist Pramod Goenka and ace Jewellery Designer Bina Goenka. Natasha is from the Ambassador Hotels family.

Abu Dhabi and Muscat- While Turkey, Bali and Thailand top the list of the most wanted international destinations, Wedding Planners tell us many clients are now excited about Abu Dhabi and Muscat. Says a Planner from Mumbai: “Wow venues like Shangri-La, Muscat and Ritz Carlton, Abu Dhabi and the easy accessibility have made Muscat and Abu Dhabi popular among the wealthy. Both Shangri-La, Muscat and Ritz Carlton, Abu Dhabi are hosting a mega Indian wedding later this year.”

Shangri La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa

Pool area at night
The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal

Udaipur- It’s a Royal Rajasthan wedding for Sanjay Hinduja, the 48 year old billionaire from London. The Chairman of Gulf Oil is marrying his long-time girlfriend designer Anu Mahtani (she and her sister Nandita Mahtani run the store Ananya in Mumbai and London). The 3 day celebrations are in February 2015, at different venues like Leela Palace, Sheraton Palace Resort and Spa, and Jagmandir.

Leela udaipur p
The Leela Palace Udaipur

Behind the Scenes at Society Weddings- some of the Top Wedding Makers

Wedding Planning
a) Percept Weddings
b) Divinity Weddings
c) Horizons W.I.E.
d) Tamarind Weddings
e) Kamal Khera
f)  Aditya Motwane
g) Seven Steps

Wedding Styling & Decor
a) Gurleen M Puri
b) The SET Design Services (70 EMG)
c) Geeta Samuel (Q Events)
d) Vandana Mohan
e) Sumant Jayakrishnan
f) Surabhi Bhowmick
g) Ipsita Biswas Ali

Bridal and Groom Ensembles
a) Manish Malhotra
b) TarunTahiliani
c) Abu-Sandeep
d) Sabyasachi
e) Anamika Khanna

Wedding Catering & Food Consultants
a) Chef Hemant Oberoi and team
b) Sanjay Vazirani (Foodlink)
c) Marut Sikka
d) Ritu Dalmia
e) Munna Maharaj

a) Ravish Kapoor
b) EDC
c) Puneet Gupta

Real Brides at the Lakmé Bridal Masterclass

WeddingSutra and Lakmé announced a competition for WeddingSutra fans last month, 3 Brides-to-be could win an invite for the Lakmé Bridal Masterclass at the Lakmé Fashion Week! The 3 winners, Ushma, Tanzila and Khushboo blog about the Masterclass- where Cory Walia and Manish Malhotra decoded this season’s trends in bridal makeup and couture


LFW_WS_0039_MasterclassBrides-to-be Ushma Bhojani, Khushboo Gala and Tanzila Potia

Ushma Bhojani
I was thrilled to win the invite from WeddingSutra for the Lakmé Bridal Masterclass by the Lakmé Dream Team, Cory Walia and Manish Malhotra at Lakmé Fashion Week.

The session started with the fashion show which was mesmerising. The ramp models walked on the Jabong stage in designer Manish Malhotra’s bridal couture with mirror work, and the gloss look by makeup whiz Cory Walia. The most alluring look was showstopper Sarah Jane Dias in a pastel pink wedding lehenga. It was nice to see in person the fresh bridal colours presented by Manish Malhotra– pink for the pheras instead of the traditional vintage red, and blue for the reception.

model 3

It was a pleasure to watch makeup maestro Cory Walia decoding the internationally acclaimed Gloss trend as he began by prepping the models with the Lakmé Absolute Gloss Serum and added on corals and plums from the Gloss Addict lip colour range. He then created rich, glossy winged eyes using the Absolute Gel Addict eyeliner.


Cory spoke about how shine and gloss is the bridal makeup trend this season, he also advised not to overdo it as it might take away from who we are. “A bride’s makeup and trousseau should reflect her personality, the one aspect that should definitely stand out on her wedding day.”

Tanzila Potia
The Lakmé Absolute Master Class with the Dream Team of Cory Walia and Manish Malhotra with Lakmé’s digital face, Sarah Jane Dias was a very well-executed event where models were dressed and styled for different wedding functions from the mehendi and sangeet to the phera ceremony and reception.


The most important lesson from the Masterclass, I think, was that brides should not over-do their jewellery, especially when their clothes and make-up are making a statement. Manish talked about how brides who want to look stylish yet very ‘Indian’ can combine the aesthetics of traditional Indian crafts like zardozi, Kashmiri embroidery and mirror work with contemporary cuts and styles that reflect their personality. The colours for this bridal season, he said, were pink and royal blue palettes and deep reds and oranges.


Cory used some amazing products from the Lakmé Absolute range on the models;what really got my attention was the Lakmé Absolute Gloss Addict lipstick which had a creamy texture and a luxurious look. Gloss is definitely the biggest global trend this season and this range from Lakmé Absolute will give the Indian bride a very young and dewy fresh feel on her special day. Cory advised brides to steer clear of straight, ironed hair. “Textured hair worn down or loose is the much preferred style”.


Khushboo Gala
I was ecstatic at the prospect of meeting the WeddingSutra team at Lakmé Fashion Week and interacting with renowned talents like designer Manish Malhotra and makeup maestro Cory Walia. This was also my first time at Mumbai’s Lakmé Fashion Week.

The collection showcased by Manish Malhotra highlighted how relevant it is to mix age-old traditional elements with modern colour palettes and he used a lot of mirror work in his designs.

model 2

As Cory Walia demonstrated the glossy makeup trend, he focused on emphasis on the eyes. He used products from the Lakmé Absolute range to show us techniques to create a dramatic eye and complement it with just lip gloss for a perfect look. I really liked this simple yet elegant look.

The Masterclass experience gave me a lot of insight on wedding ensembles and bridal makeup. As someone once quipped, ‘Beautiful Outfit + Great Makeup = A Gorgeous Bride’

Photos courtesy- Amit Barot Photography

With WeddingSutra on Location – Ashika Shah

As part of our initiative ‘WeddingSutra on Location’, we invited four brides-to-be for a unique experience at Ensemble in Bandra (West), Mumbai. Starting with a Style Consultation, a Makeover and a Photo Shoot, each of the participants got to interact with some of the best names in Bridal & Wedding services. Here, in the last of the four-part series, bride-to-be Ashika Shah shares her experience with WeddingSutra on Location at Ensemble.

Ashika b a

“I have been following WeddingSutra since many years. Even when I was not planning my wedding, I always found the content interesting. Now that I am a bride-to-be I am super-impressed at how they have put together such relevant and informative content, and how they keep innovating. The most amazing feature is of course ‘WeddingSutra on Location’ where brides-to-be get a chance to interact with experts who give them a complete makeover. So it was only natural that when I got engaged, the first thing on my to-do list was to get myself the WeddingSutra on Location experience. I sent in a request to the WeddingSutra team, and a few email exchanges later, I was selected as one of the four brides invited to Ensemble, Mumbai, for the fashion and beauty makeover.

I walked into the Ensemble store in Bandra and met Anshu from WeddingSutra, who introduced me to the team and the experts. After a brief chat, we started to sift through the bridal collection. With the team’s help, we selected some lehengas and a few trials later, I decided to wear a creation from Sabyasachi Mukherji’s latest collection. The lehenga was a refreshing blend of deep coral and pink, and I thought it was the most outstanding piece in the store. It had a printed lining with a net on top which was embroidered in a matte gold sequence, and teamed with a deep necked, short sleeved, velvet blouse with the same embroidery work, in a deep coral shade. They called it the Bipasha Lehenga after Bollywood diva, Bipasha Basu, for whom this style of blouse was first designed.

Ashika lehenga

It was now time for Ojas to work her magic on me. She explained how certain colours would complement me, considering my face and skin tone. She worked on my hair, adding on soft curls to create more volume. I totally loved how she enhanced my eyes to give me a dramatic yet soft look. She complemented the cheek and the lip colours with the fresh coral shade of the outfit. She is truly skilled and works on the face like it were a canvas. She made me feel like a diva.


After the makeup and hairstyling was complete, the WeddingSutra team showed me some exquisite pieces by Azva jewellery, from which I chose a ruby-encrusted gold choker, matching jhumka-style earrings and a bracelet.



Finally it was time to face the camera for Photographers Ashwin and Jhalak who were patiently waiting while I readied myself to pose for them. Ashwin has a skill to make a person feel at ease and be herself as she faces the camera, while his wife Jhalak silently captures beautiful candid moments. It really enjoyed the experience of interacting with this duo, and while I am typically unsure how my photos will look after they are clicked, this time I was sure they would be amazing!


The entire On Location experience was very special. I truly enjoyed being a ‘Sabya bride’ and I am grateful to the WeddingSutra team for making me feel so good and look so fabulous. This is a memorable strike off my bridal to-do list. Thank you, people!

Ashika’s Look
Ojas decided on a fresh coral-peach look to complement Ashika’s warm skin tone and the lehenga. She began with the Lakmé Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse foundation, and brushed on the Lakmé Absolute Cheek Baked Chromatic Blush in Night Sheen, which is an earthy peach shade with a hint of pink. She then glued on the false eyelashes, one lash at a time, using more as she reached the outer edge of the eye for a cat-eyed look. She used the Lakmé Absolute Baked Chromatic Eyeshadow in Day Shimmer for a shiny, metallic copper brown to complement her eye colour. She then smoked out the Lakmé Absolute Forever Silk Eyeliner on the upper and lower lids, and brushed on coats of the Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets to give Ashika a fuller dramatic look. For her lips, Ojas chose the Coral Lustre from the Lakmé Absolute Gloss.


collage 3

If you’re getting married in 2014 or 2015 and would like to be a part of ‘WeddingSutra on Location’ write to us (weddingsutra@gmail.com) with your name, link to your FB profile and wedding date. Selected lucky winners get a complete ‘Bridal Wardrobe Look’ consultation on how to pick the wedding outfit complimentary to your body type & personality, and experience the look you prefer with a trial makeup and photo shoot in the makeup look. Location and Date- To be decided (City- Mumbai).

Ashika@WeddingSutra on Location
Outfit- Sabyasachi
Jewellery- Azva (available at Gehna Jewellers)
Hair & Makeup- Ojas Rajani for Lakmé Absolute
Shoot Management- Anshu Kalwani and Tejal Karlekar
Photographs by- Shades Photography

Platinum Jewelry rules the Red Carpet at The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Hollywood’s biggest television stars walked the red carpet wearing platinum jewelry at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards and related parties that evening.

Style expert Nina Garcia was “captivated by the timeless jewels including stud earrings and diamond cuff bracelets. Platinum jewelry epitomizes classic glamour, and is the perfect complement to any red carpet look.”

Following are the stars who celebrated the Emmy Night with Platinum.

Hayden Panettiere in Platinum by Fred Leighton
-Old Mine platinum and diamond drop earrings (4 carats each)


Jessica Pare in Platinum by Fred Leighton
-Platinum and diamond pendant necklace from the 1950’s
-Platinum and diamond stud earrings (2 carats each)
-Art Deco Old European platinum ring with diamonds and onyx


Julianne Hough in Platinum by Chopard
-Platinum earrings with emerald (8.76 carats)
-Platinum and diamond line necklace (40.88 carats)


Lizzy Caplan in Platinum by Neil Lane
-Platinum earrings with diamonds and pearls
-Platinum and diamond, ruby, and pearl bracelets
-Platinum ring with diamonds and pearl


Debra Messing in Platinum by Chopard
-Platinum and diamond earrings (10.40 carats)

Debra Messing

Kate Walsh in Platinum by Chopard
-Platinum and diamond necklace (95.05 carats)
-Platinum ring with white, yellow and pink diamonds (6.36 carats)


Laverne Cox in Platinum by Fred Leighton
-Platinum and diamond earrings from the 1940’s
-Art Deco platinum and diamond brooches
-Art Deco platinum and diamond bracelet


Jodie Foster in Platinum by Neil Lane
-Platinum and diamond waterfall necklace
-Platinum and diamond cluster earrings
-Platinum and diamond bracelet
-Platinum and diamond ring


Edie Falco in Platinum by Fred Leighton
-Art Deco platinum earrings with diamonds and sapphire
-Art Deco platinum bracelet with diamonds and sapphire
-Art Deco platinum and diamond bracelet
-Platinum and diamond bracelet


Christine Baranski in Platinum by Fred Leighton
-Platinum earrings with diamonds and sapphire
-Platinum line bracelet with diamonds and sapphire from the 1930’s
-Platinum ring with diamonds and sapphire from the 1930’s


Minnie Driver in Platinum by Fred Leighton
-Platinum and diamond earrings from the 1950’s
-Platinum bracelet with diamonds and onyx from the 1920’s
-Art Deco platinum and diamond bracelet
-Art Deco platinum and diamond ring


Ellen Burstyn in Platinum by Neil Lane
-Platinum and diamond necklace
-Platinum and diamond earrings
-Platinum and diamond ring

Ellen Burstyn

StyleSpotting with Tanishq and Mumbai brand SVA by Sonam & Paras Modi

Tanishq branding banner

As part of our series ‘STYLESPOTTING WITH TANISHQ’, our editorial team goes in search of stylish bridal looks with Tanishq to some of the most exciting new bridal designers in the city.

For our latest StyleSpotting feature, we found inspiration in label SVA by duo Sonam & Paras Modi. Sonam’s expertise as a creative designer, Paras Modi’s previous background in International Business, and most importantly their willingness to start something together gave birth to SVA. Their brand is synonymous with head-turning traditional fashion and bridal looks, and their passion for Indian heritage and aesthetic is reflected in each & every of their designs. Here is how we styled two of their creations with some exquisite jewellery pieces from Tanishq.

Mehendi Fun
This luscious bright pink lehenga with dual zari aari work is a fun and comfortable outfit, perfect for a Mehendi or chooda ceremony. This bright shade is flattering on all skin tones.


Accessorise this look with an exclusive 22-karat Yellow gold Open polki Necklace set, which truly reveals the sheen of Diamond chakris cased in gold to give a raw yet rich look. A floral mesh created at the neckline shimmers to enchant the onlooker.

IMG_0388 Mehendi

IMG_0406 Mehendi

To balance this fun look, subtle eye, blush pink cheeks, and a pinkish nude lip colour is all you need. A messy side braid, Kolhapuri wedges in gold, and you are good to go.

Reception Elegance
This bewitching blue lehenga is a perfect outfit to be worn for an elegant reception. The deep blue shade paired with a mint green dupatta makes the look extremely striking yet subtle, enhancing the playful bride. The gold choli makes the perfect backdrop for this 22-karat Tanishq yellow gold kundan polki neckpiece set with a centre white highlight and festoon (jhalar) inspired strings. The stylish and delicate pair of chandelier matching earrings add to the glamour.

IMG_0454 Sangeet

IMG_0481 Sangeet

IMG_0443 Sangeet

Deep smokey eyes, nude lips and diamonte studded gold wedges for long lasting comfort are all you need to finish this look.

Photographs by- Aditi Varma

Tanishq branding banner

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