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Meet the Husband & Wife Photographer Teams

WeddingSutra features the couples who click together, and who share a common passion for travelling and exploring new places.

Mili and Sid Ghosh, Chicago
The highly talented couple run ‘Memories in Motion’ which specialises in bollywood-inspired wedding films. The two met on yahoo chat 12 years ago, and they got married in 2004. Today, they are one of the most sought-after photographers/ film-makers for big budget Indian weddings. Says Mili: “We have been shooting weddings for the past 6 years. I take care of the creative aspect while Sid is in-charge of the administrative and technical aspects. This way we compliment each other’s traits. We both interact with the client extensively since they’re usually having an overseas destination wedding and a lot of logistics are involved in putting a creative team and executing the production of the wedding photography and cinematography.”

Ronicka Kandhari and Vickrant Mahajan, Mumbai
Their clients include India’s who who and they have photographed weddings of the rich and famous at some of the world’s most exotic locales. Says Ronicka: “We met 10 years ago while pursuing a photography course at the Triveni Kala Sangam and got married in 2006. I shoot glamourous pictures of the bride and the groom as well as minuscule, consummate details that make up the event while Vickrant focuses on atmospheric pictures thereof.”

Avani Patel and Abhinav Sah, Mumbai
In November 2009 Avani and Abhinav photographed a friend’s wedding and soon lots of assignments started coming in, and they started their new venture ‘PhotoKhichega’. Says Abhinav, “On the way we work it’s a very fluid division of work, if I’m on wide lens, she shoots with a telephoto or a macro or vice versa. Perhaps, being a husband-wife team makes it easier.”

This year, they got the highest number of nominations at the prestigious Kodak Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards and won the award in the ‘Behind the scenes’ category.

Snigdha Sheel and Vinayak Das, Bangalore
Snigdha and Vinayak met at a conference called BarCamp in Bangalore in 2007 where Vinayak was a speaker and Snigdha a participant. Says Vinayak: “We hit it off instantly, what followed was a whirlwind courtship and after about a month and a half we ran off to the Himalayas to a place called Tunganath and got married at the 13000 year old Tunganath Temple. We were the only two people there, no guests or photographers, just the two of us under a canopy of stars. When we came down to earth we had an Arya Samaj wedding.”

“We shot our first wedding in Bangalore and subsequently in Jhansi. In 2010 we formed our company Phototantra. Usually Snigdha and I shoot the bride and the groom separately, then we get together and shoot with different perspectives. I could be taking wide angle shots and Snigdha could be focussed on taking shots using a prime lens like a 35mm f1.4.”

Memories in Motion

Mili and Sid of Memories in Motion, spend nearly 300 to 400 hours, to produce for their wedding clients a Bollywood-style film. The bride, groom and their families get to experience the process of film making at a full production level, and get to star in the movie directed and edited by Memories in Motion!

Mili, a communications and journalism major and her husband Sid, an IIT graduate who teaches at the University of Illinois started the boutique cinematography outfit in 2005, when they saw the potential for niche high-end cinematography for South Asian weddings. They don’t take on too many clients every year, but they innovate on production and post-production every season. Says Mili: “Just recently we did a same-day edit of a morning wedding. So at the evening reception, the guests got a visual treat—a beautiful video showcasing the couple’s love story, and edits of the morning wedding function which many had not attended.”

Mili and Sid have filmed Indian weddings all over the world, but their favorite location is Udaipur. They recently filmed the wedding of a couple named Roshni and Suchet at Zenana Mahal and Jagmandir Palace in Udaipur which featured performances by Daler Mehndi and Rodney.

They have also started offering concept short films based on the bride and groom’s love stories- and this is something most couples love to screen at one of their wedding events. Here’s the link to the wedding video of Champaign, IL based Amandeeo & Supreet.

And Los Angeles based Reshma and Harsheel.

For more details visit www.memoinmotion.com (blog: in-motionstudio.com)

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