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Swapnil's real style for his special occasion Aadil Shaikh shares the experience
of his 'traditionally-modern' Nikah
Grooms perspective, Tamagna Ghosh.
The 'Photographer' groom and his clicks.
Grooms Perspective, Kumar Swamy.
How he planned his 'flash' wedding.
Grooms Perspective, Arvind Shenoy.
Shares his tips to relax before the big day
Designer, JJ Valaya
shares tips for the groom
Getting dressed for an Engagement?
Here are some Western and Ethnic Wear Ideas
Grooms Diary- Hozefa Calcuttawalla
Groom engagement
Vivek & Esha's filmi story and how they got engaged Engagement Ring Trends
by some of the top engagement ring designers
A Man's guide
to buying diamonds
All about Diamonds-
Know your sparkly stones and get savvy about quality, cost, and settings
Groom Grooming
A quick guide for

on how to start a skincare routine
Asha Hariharan from Beyond The Fringe suggests hair-care products on the shelves
Which parlour treatments should you go in
for to ensure that you look your dashing best?
Male contraceptives
at a glance- not just a woman's headache, but the men's responsibility too
How to ensure your hair
behaves on the wedding day?
A beard, moustache
or a clean shaven look? Read on for tips on how to look great
Shaping up
for your wedding
To smoke or not
to smoke- if that's the quandary you are in, here's some news to help you decide
happiness giveaways for just engaged
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