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Of course, no one can teach
Female Contraceptives At A Glance
About the IUD, Pill, Spermicides and Diaphragm
10 Things Women Don't Know About Men
Men are not biologically programmed to be monogamous…
10 Things Men Don't Know About Women
Why women want sex when there's a match on the telly?
Hitting the G-spot
Locating the G-spot could be as exciting as a treasure hunt.
Bedroom Buzz - Men
10 things guys must know before making love for the first time after marriage.
Bedroom Buzz - Women
10 things women must know before they make love for the first time.
Male contraceptives at a glance
Contraception is not just a woman's headache. It's also the men's responsibility.
Disarming Your in-laws
You can transform the traditional adversaries into friends.
Crossroads of Life
In Anaita Subedar's opinion, an inter-cultural relationship can mean a lot of enrichment and excitement.
Tu Tu, Main Main
So, what is at the crux of these seemingly simple yet complex relationships?
When things go wrong
What if within six months of your marriage you realised, that you and your spouse are not really made for each other?
My Money, Your Money
The joint bank account is an indicator of the changes in traditional nuptial patterns.
Keep Love Alive
Deepak and Natasha Saxena share their 'secret' tips.
Would you marry your best friend?
Find out what these young to-be weds had to say.
Alluring Aphrodisiacs- Alternative sources of arousal Romantic lines to sway her Great gifts for guys
Caste can't do you part- Customs or traditions seldom break up relationships The 'Dowry' factor- Do's and don'ts for the prospective bride Ms Yourself or Ms Nice- Being at your best behavior can take a toll very soon