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Blog is the most popular resource on Wedding Planning for Indians around the world. Founded in 2000 to offer a much-needed alternative to the outdated and sketchy planning advice being offered by print media, WeddingSutra quickly became the leading bridal brand reaching millions of to-be-weds in India and outside. We deliver inspirational ideas, real world advice and visually gorgeous fashion, beauty and lifestyle features to appeal to a range of budgets and styles.

Our audience includes engaged couples, parents and siblings of the bride and groom, men and women who often dream about their 'wedding day'. A large number of national brands, lifestyle, luxury and beauty firms, wedding services providers reach out to their audience through marketing programs, banner advertising and advertorials on

Some of the most popular sections on include:

Why WeddingSutra?

We understand Weddings. We have been writing about and featuring weddings since over a decade. It's our love. It's our Life. We are completely focused on bringing the best of wedding news, trends and advice to our readers, we have the best team in the business and we are lucky to work with digital-savy advertisers. Helping people with ideas, information and resources for one of their happiest days of their lives is what gets us going.


If you would like to be part of team WeddingSutra, email us at

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